Tandem Flights

Tandem Paragliding enables one to realize the incredible joy of flight in its simplest form.

Using tandem paragliders: The pilot and passenger are seated in separate harnesses but attached together. The passenger sits in front, the pilot behind, allowing for the best views. The glider is designed to accommodate two people without sacrificing performance or security. The pilot will give the passenger a flight briefing before the launch and during flight. The passenger must run a short distance down a gentle slope (10-30 ft.) to assist the pilot. With this forward momentum, the glider will gently lift the pilot and passenger from the ground. There is no "jumping off" of any mountain cliffs.

The entire experience takes approximately two hours. Flights vary depending on weather conditions each day. With favorable thermal conditions, the pilot may choose to maneuver the glider and utilize the air currents to gain several thousand feet above the Red Sea mountains. Achieving altitudes up to 18,000 feet is not uncommon! Ages range from 3 to 80 (+) years old. Virtually anyone can fly!

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